Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode 7: Monte Cristo Sandwich (Double-Stuffed Part 2)

The shenanigans continue with Part Two of our double-length episode! Meg serves up delicious homemade cooking while the gang talks sci-fi tv, gaming, Meg's nerdy crafts, insane cartoons, comics AND MORE! ***Revolution spoilers at 9:00-12:00***

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This week, Meg showed off some of her artsy-craftsy skills with her geektastic crocheted blankets. She has created several of these masterpieces over the past few years, and has even been featured on's Facebook blog.

Raccoon Mario in all his glory
You can find more of these beauties and Meg's other crafting endeavors at her DeviantArt site!

You can also find Meg selling her assorted wares on Etsy. Visit her shop and pick out some nerdy goodness to take home. Operators are standing by! (Not really)

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