Saturday, January 26, 2013

Episode 8: Gamin' and Skypin' with Seth Kinkaid

In this Skype-tastic episode, Tony chats up special guest Seth K. about designing games, some recommended reads, Oscar nominations, and technology vs movie magic! ***Cabin In The Woods spoilers at 1:16:30-1:18:30***

Snazzy Streaming Player:


Behold, friends! Interactive podcast enhancements, ahoy!

Download a copy of Seth's original ebook Robot Haiku and ponder a synthetic existence...

Want more? What would you like to see? What's that you say? A book trailer for Warren Ellis's Gun Machine... narrated by Wesley Crusher?! Feast thine eyes and ears on this:

And now, the glorious magic that is Bad Lip Reading (Check out their YouTube channel for more genius):

And finally, for the truly adventurous and/or insane, a dangerous dosage of the (best?) worst film ever made. Proceed with caution. This collection of some of the best moments from this bizarre 2003-yet-somehow-looks-like-1993 enigma is enough to put you in post-traumatic catatonia.

The Room is available on Netflix with a DVD subscription, or you can just watch the whole thing on YouTube now. For some true hilarity, read some of the priceless reviews on IMDb!

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