Saturday, February 23, 2013

Episode 13: A Good Day To Podcast Hard

Meg, Todd and a very sick Tony discuss the ongoing struggles of videogame movies, review the latest Die Hard outing, and laugh at disturbing cartoon public service announcements! ***Die Hard 5 spoilers at 34:30-48:30***

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And now, BEHOLD! Your episode extras await! YOLO! ...God I hate that...

And on that note, the worst tattoo ever. (NSFW)

The horror. Ain't the human race grand?
And finally, Sonic teaches us a lesson about your creepy uncle who hugs just a little too long...

"Die Hard 5? Why?!"
"YOLO, motherfucker!"

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  1. Damn it! When you started on bad video game movies and didn't mention Uwe Boll. Well I about popped a gasket yelling at my phone. How Dare You.