Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Episode 21: Cards Against Humanity

Tony, Todd and Meg giggle their way through a post Cards Against Humanity discussion on the everlasting awesomeness of Jurassic Park, paying respects to Roger Ebert, judging books by their movie adaptations, and bidding a fond farewell to LucasArts.

Abandon decency all ye who enter here

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And on to the links n' stuff!

Order (or print for free!) your own Cards Against Humanity deck

Farewell, sir. ...I'm not crying... *sniff*
Here's an article from Ain't It Cool regarding those Evil Dead rumors...

And the random picture Todd showed me during the podcast...

Search "Surprised Patrick" for a bunch more. They're glorious.

The Red Band "This Is The End" trailer...

The Axis Of Awesome - Rage Of Thrones

And remember kids, aspire for greatness. Aspire to be Stan...

And finally, a farewell to LucasArts...

Check out Kotaku's collection of videos in memoriam

But wait! Want to play some of those classic games, but they don't seem to work on your fancy modern computer? Check out ScummVM! A virtual DOS environment that lets you play them with no problem! You'll still have to find a copy of the actual games you want to play, but those have been known to be fairly easily... acquired around the Interwebs...

Happy gaming!

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