Friday, July 5, 2013

Episode 33: SODA SHAQ!

Todd and Tony continue this week's chat-fest with Terminator reboot rage, science & tech wonderment and an epically bad CSI pun!


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You lucky listeners! This happened to be an episode chock-full of extras! A plethora, if you will. Enjoy!


On a more serious note, this is proof of an incredible treatment for Parkinson's disease, which has apparently been around for a solid decade!

(It won't embed on here for some reason, so just click the link and laugh your ass off)

ID4 Honest Trailer!

We're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Here's model Emma Franks turned into a clicker from The Last Of Us. So unsettling, but so awesome! Catch the full set of photos at JWBeyond's DeviantArt gallery...

Beautiful women turned into monsters. That's gotta be an adults-only Reddit thread somewhere.
Here's a link to American McGee's OZombie Kickstarter. And below is some purtyful concept art!

Looks pretty enough. Fix those terrible Alice controls and I'm sold.
And finally, celebrate Hollywood's love of disaster porn with the exciting new game based on the movie...

Click now and get to murdalizin'!

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