Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Episode 34: Blues Traveler Regrets

SPECIAL GUEST! Tony's big sister Erica joins this week's podcast as the gang talks musical education, maintaining child-like wonder, Frank-rolling, the death of arcades and more!

"I need you, now more than ever..."

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We now return to our regularly scheduled extras!

Miss Utah Fail 2013

Poor girl. Personally, I think Miss South Carolina 2007 failed WAYYY harder...

My current favorite recurring SNL sketch...

My wake-up music when I'm dragging at work. (And yes, it needs to be the Charlie Day version)

We're The Millers trailer

And last but not least... Are you a beer enthusiast/geek/connoisseur/etc? Do you reside in the greater San Diego area? Then you want to follow this blog! SDBeerGeeks.com keeps up with the latest local beer news, bar reviews and more! (Kudos to Erica for the link!)

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