Saturday, June 28, 2014

DOCTOR WHO Season 8 Teaser! (VIDEO)

Oh, BBC America, why must you torment me with your frustratingly short teaser trailers???

I know, I know. I'm a HUGE hypocrite because I've had many an old man rant about how trailers these days give away the entire movie, blah blah blah, "where's my back pill?", etc. etc.

But hey, can we all agree Peter Capaldi looks pretty bad ass, all silhouettey and bracing for impact with 'splosions every which-a-way?!

Other good news: The new season (or Series, as it is appropriately called across the pond) begins August 23rd, a day after my birthday! Also, Episode 1: "Deep Breath", will reportedly be a feature-length episode! Granted, that's TV feature length, so probably 75 minutes of Who, plus commercials. Whatever. Good stuff on the way!

Hmm... the slightly campy CG reflection of faithful companion Clara in his eyeball kinda reminds me of David Bowie oogling at a very teenage Jennifer Connelly through his magic floaty voyeur orb...

Turn back, Sarah. You can't handle this package.

Honestly, if Capaldi came in sporting an 80s glam metal look, I would be totally cool with that (Codpiece optional). Hell, if Bowie himself took up the Doctor Who mantle it would be absolutely AMAZING!

All kidding aside, dude is pretty damn dashing.

I vote Bowie and an old-school Jim Henson creature sidekick take the TARDIS for a spin next year!


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