Monday, June 9, 2014

Episode 65: El Niño Rides Again

Jose gets schooled on Star Trek, Todd talks E3 expectations, Tony gets fired up for personal projects, and El Niño (hopefully) looms on the horizon!

It's a shame this guy isn't still around...

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And it's extras time!

The Strain trailer!

Now this is how you deny Star Wars rumors!

If you've never seen Wayside Creations's Nuka Break webseries, you should start. Check out the original short film here!

Just had to include this classic Chris Farley bit. Here's hoping California gets some DAMN RAIN SOON!

And finally, probably the most important thing here, John Oliver's rant on the ongoing battle for net neutrality. Watch, laugh, get informed, and share!!!

Long live internet freedom, podcast listeners!

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