Friday, July 25, 2014

Firefly Online Is Putting The Band Back Together!

Yesterday at Comic-Con, fans attending the Firefly Online panel were treated to the first footage of the long-in-development Firefly Online, an online strategic roleplaying game set in the Firefly 'Verse. Your mission as captain: Get a ship, get a crew, do a job, get paid, keep flying.

The lucky Browncoats in attendance were also the first to hear the announcement that the entire original cast would be reprising their roles for the game! Alan Tudyk is also confirmed to be playing multiple roles (Have you heard his voice acting? It's fantastic. See: The Duke in Frozen). Also announced: Michael Fairman will return as our favorite psychopathic crime boss, Niska! Word to the wise: Try not to piss him off.

The gameplay trailer is here for your viewing pleasure. Granted, the graphics aren't particularly high-end. But as long as the game is entertaining and fan-servicey, it's hard to imagine the die-hard Browncoats complaining. I personally, have never been an online gamer. Ever. This very well may change that...

What would you do if you were a captain? Leave your answer in the comments below!
(Me personally, I'd have to go with that last guy's suggestion.)

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