Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Episode 77: Spider-Butt

Todd and Tony attempt to quell a week of madness with the latest movie & TV news, some Netflix reviews, and one overly-provocative superheroine.

So Marvel, erotic comics are totally cool with me, but mayyybe it wasn't the best idea to hire an erotic comic artist for your mass-market superheroine book.
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Time for extras!

The Death of Superman Lives, Trailer 2

Indie Revolver's Stormtrooper helmet photos!

Automata trailer! I am liking the look of this!

Warlords of Draenor trailer! This actually makes me want to start a WoW account...

Five Nights at Freddy's - This game looks like it might terrify me as much if not more than The Last of Us. That's a feat.

If that didn't get you, maybe this will...

You'll never look at Chuck E. Cheese the same way...


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