Sunday, August 17, 2014

Will Disney Finally Give Us The Star Wars We Love on Blu Ray?

We've heard these rumors before. Now, the internet is back in the thick of reports that Disney is planning to deliver the original unaltered Star Wars Trilogy, and soon!

Full story after the jump... reported yesterday that the House of Mouse has been quietly working on a Blu-ray edition of the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy, and they've been working on it for awhile, according to "two independent reliable sources".

The reason for the delay? According to the sources, the project has been challenging due to damage on the original negatives. Consistent with the last time this rumor was spreading online however, Disney aims to have the Blu-ray set hitting stores as Episode VII hits theaters.

Makes sense. Film gets old, film degrades. Even digital remastering to standard DVD requires plenty of damage clean-up, color correction, etc. There's a fantastic short documentary on the Jaws Blu-ray all about this. Don't have it? No worries, it's right here on YouTube! ...Seriously though, you should have that Blu-ray. JAWS RULES!

Back to the story. A couple things to remember here:

Disney does NOT, repeat, does NOT own the rights to release the original Star Wars (Episode IV). Fox does, and there's no way they're letting go anytime soon. Of course, Disney and Fox could simply strike up a mutually beneficial deal for a joint release. Say what you may about Fox, but I'm pretty sure they would look at this as a golden opportunity for a METRIC TON OF CASH... and then some. And rightfully so.

Another point for consideration: George Lucas. Good old Uncle George has been very clear in the past that the special editions are his vision of Star Wars, end of story. It's possible, while not confirmed in any way, that in the sale of Star Wars to Disney, he could have added a caveat that they are prohibited from producing any further releases of the original unaltered films.

That's a bit of a devious thought, isn't it? I feel bad for all the hate Lucas has dealt with over the years, even if I don't agree with the artistic choices. Star Wars is his. He made it. Then everyone took it and basically said, "F YOU, GEORGE! DON'T MESS WITH MY STAR WARS!"

I personally don't like to paint an image of George Lucas as devious enough to add such a restriction in the Disney deal. Some people online have even accused him of intentionally damaging the original negatives, making them impossible to recover and remaster.

What say you, folks? Do you think Disney will deliver the goods? Is George Lucas the Sith lord some have feared?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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