Thursday, September 11, 2014

News Grab Bag: I Had A Vision of Cruise-ing In A Batmobile

What time is it? Time for this week's News Grab Bag!

Star Wars Episode VII
In light of Apple's foray into the smart-watch race, J.J. Abrams tweeted another one of his sly-yet-classy Episode VII teasers. The latest in a series of handwritten notes (shown above) is seen sitting on what appears to be a reflective surface showcasing some familiar lighting designs...

Have you guessed it yet? Let's try a refresher.

Now we're getting somewhere. Yes, what you are seeing are the various weapons bays, hallways, and caverns (where your sister first oddly lays lips on you) set inside the original Death Star.

Could we be getting a glimpse at Death Star Mark III? Hopefully they've fixed that tiny design flaw that allows for ridiculously easy explodification. I don't think I'm buying it just yet. We have heard that there may be flashbacks in Ep7. It could also just be that this is a nice reminder that J.J. is putting plenty of detail into this world, and maybe the lights are simply part of another Imperial ship or mega-destructo-complex of some sort. Who knows? Who cares? We're all going to watch it. And it's going to be amazing. SQUEE!

Speaking of the Apple Overlords, we don't really cover much tech news here, but it would be shameful of me to not share this amusing PSA that's been floating around the web in the last two days:

Now I could care less about hardware wars. I use Android, not Apple. I'm a Playstation gamer, not Xbox. Big deal. But you gotta admit this is pretty damn funny. Hey, even if you're an Apple fan, there's nothing wrong with chuckling at some hard truth. I mean, I loved Godzilla, but it doesn't make this Honest Trailer any less hilariously accurate!

Dawn of Justice
Zack Snyder tweeted this lovely photo yesterday, giving us the first complete look at the new Batmobile.

Ooooh, shiny! I have plenty of thoughts. First, note the firepower. Guns prominently on display front and center like a hood ornament. Definitely indicative of a more militant Batman, which makes sense for a Frank Miller/Dark Knight Returns inspired Bats. Whereas previous Batmobiles, even the very tank-like tumbler, had weapons hidden away or at least more discretely attached, this Batmobile doesn't have time for that. If Batman shows up, he means serious business. End of story.

Speaking of the tumbler of Chris Nolan fame, this Batmobile definitely seems to share a similar design. It's difficult to tell based on one photo, but Batman's new ride seems to have a more low-to-the-ground, stretched out design. Almost like a combination of the tumbler and the previous Tim Burton era Batmobiles. A slimmer tumbler. Tumbler Lite, with half the calories!

Age of Ultron
We also got our first look at The Vision via a shnazzy promotional banner this week....

And let's go in for the closer look...

Guess what, Thor? There's a new cape in town. Now this is getting interesting. I like that Marvel seems to be sticking very closely to the style original comic iteration of the character. As Marvel's Cinematic Universe continues to expand, we are definitely creeping more and more into fantastical territory. Think about it. A cape is a big deal.

Thor makes sense. He's from Asgard. They're a caped society. But now we've got another hero, an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE no less, who decides to don a cape, because... it looks good? Because he wants to fit in? Kinda self-serving for an AI, no? Then again, JARVIS has always had personality. And seeing as Paul Bettany is in fact playing The Vision, it stands to reason that what we're seeing is JARVIS's Pinocchio upgrade from digital assistant to real boy.

He better hope Edna doesn't show up.

Top Gun 2
Shifting gears to something less comic booky (but cheesy enough to be comical in its own right), the Top Gun sequel is back. Screenwriter Justin Marks has landed the gig to draft a new script for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise to sign off on. Marks previously scripted Bruckheimer's War Dogs and Jon Favreau's Jungle Book adaptation.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out, and with who at the helm to replace Tony Scott. I only have one question which I think is on everyone's mind...

Will there be more bro-tastic volleyball scenes?

Minority Report series
And in tangentially related Cruise news, Fox has ordered a pilot for a Minority Report sequel series. According to Deadline, the series will be based a decade after the dissolution of the Pre-Crime program, as one of the precogs continues to see visions of the future and uses them to assist a female detective.

Wait, this is Fox. Let me restate... uses them to assist a SEXY female detective. That's better.

The Walking Dead (Comic)
And finally, in comics news, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman stated in a recent interview that he has worked out an endgame plan for the "zombie story that never ends".

"I certainly know exactly what I’m building to," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. "About a year or two ago, I finally nailed down exactly what I want the ending to be. So now I've kind of got two trails of story going in my head. One working to where I'm at very far into the future, and one working from the end backwards. When those two stories meet, then I'll know exactly how long the story is. I'm rapidly approaching that point."

That's good to know. While it's great to leave room for stories to grow from their humble beginnings, it's certainly comforting for fans to know that creators of long-form stories (like comics and TV shows) have a sense of where they're headed. That way, readers/viewers don't have to worry about ending up in Lost territory again.

"It's ok, Rick! We were in purgatory all along!"

"But... why the plague?"


"Why the Governor?"

"Shhh, purgatory doesn't like it when you ask questions."



(*Kicks rocks*)

Aaaaaand SCENE! That's all, folks!

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