Sunday, October 18, 2015

Episode 117: To Hulk Smash, or Not to Hulk Smash

Todd and Tony discuss being bad at D&D, lost Zelda games, awesome New York Comic Con screenings, and a plethora of comic-to-TV adaptations! Also, the latest Force Awakens hype, reboots that will suck, and why Thanos needs to get to work already.

Ash warding off the evil Hollywood reboot machine

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Episode 116: Baypologist

Todd, Meg & Tony discuss their latest binge-watching adventures, Back to the Future celebrations, and quick reviews for The Martian and Fear The Walking Dead! (minor spoilers for both) Also, Tony talks about his ongoing sci-fi book campaign, Rick Grimes neck-twerking, and a bunch of movie and TV news!

Sorry, my shows are back. See you around Christmas.