Sunday, October 30, 2016

Episode 149B: Gone Too Far

The as-promised 2nd half of Episode 149, featuring ALL OF THE NEWS! And the news is almost as nuts as we are. A Leo DiCaprio Captain Planet movie? A Sky High sequel? A Big Lebowski spin-off?! Also, we attempt to cast the upcoming Predator film and get excited over Alien: Covenant set leaks!

Recorded 10/29/2016

Nobody fucks with the Jesus

Episode 149A: Highbrow Like Fine Art

Happy Halloween! It's the penultimate episode of Getting Off Topic! The first half anyway. In Side A, we dive deep into our usual superhero show recaps. We also discuss last week's INTENSE Walking Dead premiere, Meg's super fun art show, and the horror of that Rocky Horror remake. Listen if you dare!

Recorded 10/29/2016

You're great Laverne Cox, but your head is a giant cookie.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Episode 148: Pimp Stormtrooper

The gang discusses the terrific second half of Luke Cage, and Meg & Tony finally watch the Ghostbusters reboot. Also, we recap the week of DC TV shows, gush over the Rogue One poster, Red Dead Redemption and more!

Recorded 10/16/2016

Sara Lance 4EVER

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episode 147: Trumpkin

The gang reviews the first half of Luke Cage, talks live-action Disney news, the Flash & Arrow premieres, the Portal movie and more! Also, a cinema legend joins The Defenders, and we check out a bunch of new trailers from New York Comic Con!

Recorded 10/9/2016

Don't look at it, Marion! Keep your eyes shut!