Launched in December 2012, Getting Off Topic is a podcast and blog featuring rambling discussions about movies, TV, video games, comics and other assorted nerdery. It is hosted by Tony Valdez, Todd Cummings and David Harding.

Tony is a writer, wannabe actor, occasional musician, and full-time maker of funny faces in the bathroom mirror. He is currently completing his first sci-fi adventure novel, available for pre-order now! Find more info at www.daxharrison.com.

Todd is a lover of comics, online gaming and disaster movies. You can watch him vanquish his opponents (usually angry 13-year-old foreign children) on the Getting Off Topic Twitch.tv channel.

David is a movie and comic book enthusiast, musician, and all-around awesome dude. He also writes most of the movie reviews on the site as Todd and Tony are too damned lazy.

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Stay frosty guys!

Updated 5-23-2016